How to Find Amazon Keyword Search Volume: Sellers Guide

Finding Amazon keyword search volume is important and getting that accurate for a particular marketplace is usually crucial for your business. This is primarily because an existing keyword search and its search volume directly means

  • People are searching for that keyword on Amazon with a buying intention
  • There is already a potential market
  • There is a possibility to enter the potential market

In this article, we will guide you through the insights on how you can find Amazon keyword search volume for a particular keyword across various marketplaces. Also, we will talk about the competition and how likely would you consider targeting that keyword for your organic rankings. Also, we are going to talk about how you can target similar keywords and find ranking opportunities for them. 

We are going to choose the keyword “welding gloves” and check its search volume across the major marketplaces. The Amazon software tool that we will be using for this operation is “Magnet” by Helium10.

How to Find Amazon Keyword Search Volume: A Seller’s Guide

STEP 1: You need to signup with ‘HELIUM10’ and under the ‘TOOLS’ section, select the tool ‘MAGNET’. This tool can assign you with finding Amazon keyword search volume.

Helium10 Dashboard

STEP 2: Once you are on the ‘MAGNET’ page; you will be seeing two tabs. The first tab is ‘Find Suggestions‘ and the second tab is ‘Analyze Keywords‘. The ‘Find Suggestions‘ helps you find similar keywords whereas the ‘Analyze keywords’ gives you the exact search volume for the keyword for the specific marketplace you have chosen. Here, I have typed the keyword ‘welding gloves’ and clicked on ‘Analyze keywords’ button in blue.

You can choose up to 200 keywords at a time. Also, you have the option to filter the results based on given MIN or MAX values as you can see above.

STEP 3: This is the analysis part. As you can see here, the keyword ‘Welding gloves‘ has a monthly search volume of 24,703 for Amazon US alone. Along with the monthly average search volume; there are some interesting data about this keyword. Let us discuss them one by one-

  • Title Density: It is the number of products that are on the first page for the given search query and includes the keyword ‘Welding Gloves’.
  • Match Type: It is the source from which the keyword is drawn. ‘A’, ‘O’, ‘S’ means Amazon recommended, Organic search, and Smart complete respectively.
  • CPR: It is the estimated number of units that needs to be sold over 8 days, resulting from a search for this keyword in order for the product to rank on the top half of page one for this keyword.
  • Competing Products: It is the total number of products returned in a customer search using this keyword/phrase.
  • Sponsored ASINs: It is the number of ASINs detected running sponsored ads recently in search results associated with this keyword phrase.
  • Search Volume Trend: It reflects the trend over the past 30 days.
  • Search Volume: It is the estimated number of times the keyword is searched monthly on the given Amazon marketplace.
  • Magnet IQ Score: It is the score based on the ratio of estimated search volume vs. number of competing products: a high score means a relatively high number of searches compared to the number of competitors; a low score means the opposite.

As you have guessed correctly, the crucial metric here is the ‘Magnet IQ Score’ because it determines if you should be targeting the particular product or not. A higher Magnet IQ Score as seen for the case of ‘welding gloves’ makes it a smart product choice to enter the market.

STEP 4: Now, let us take a few more keywords to find the Amazon keyword search volume for the same and compare them to have a comprehensive picture. The results are displayed in ascending order of search volume. We chose a number of keywords and the result below shows only those keywords that have more than 300 monthly search volumes. As you can see, a lot of keywords have really low search volume and low Magnet IQ Score.

It can be relatively easy to find Amazon keyword search volume but it is not really easy to choose which products to target based on just the search volume. A much higher competition can really affect your sales and thus Helium10’s Magnet IQ Score is a better choice. However, there are quite a number of checkpoints that need to be cleared before you zero down on any product. Some of them are-

  • What would be your ROAS
  • Potential Sales Rank
  • Monthly Sales Volume
  • Chances of product Hijacking and more…

The Best Amazon Keyword Research Software Tools

There are a number of Amazon keyword research software tools than can help you with Amazon product research and assist you in finding “keyword volumes” than can be promising. Doing thorough research with these tools can help you with the right product selection.

  • Magnet by Helium10
  • Niche Finder by ZonGuru

We will discuss on ‘how to choose an Amazon product to sell’ and guide you to launch your winning product. Meanwhile, I hope by now you have an idea of how you can find Amazon keyword search volume with Magnet. Helium10 is the most versatile Amazon software tool for beginners, intermediates, and advanced sellers out there in the market. Signup with the discount link and explore the tons of tools it offers inside. They do come with an amazing money-back guarantee so you’ve your bucks covered!

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